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Love Has no Pride (Condemned)


I'm laughing through tears
The phone keeps ringing
Misspelling four-letter words
Isn't it something?
Longest day of the year
It's too much

Condemned, I am condemned, I am condemned, I am

Sky looks like a
Bruise today, I
Slip my smile
Under the rug, I
Watch the evening
News today, I
Tried my best not to
Look up

We invented kissing and comedy
And that's plenty
Dull with their misplaced pride
And their love of violence
Young mothers' hair in curlers
doing the laundry getting the mail

Condemned, I am condemned, I am condemned, I am

Squirming like a postcard with an unreadable
Address, all your
Teardrops stay in your seats and I'll
Do the rest, oh
The train dissolved on the
Way to your house, I'm
Relearning everything I have known
From the start

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