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The Realm Of Pirate Kings

Wayne Kramer

We are drowning
In the ever rising tide of ancient lies
We are floundering
In the wreckage of pure beautys hell denied
We are conveyed
Through passages of darkness and distrust
We are betrayed
In the labyrinth of fear and disgust.

We are confined
To the narrow formal rage of hollow minds
We are defined
By the shriek deafened self-inflicted blind
We are defaced
By the vandals of regression at the gates
We are disgraced
By the torturers confession that awaits

But somewhere on the other side
Hope stands and freedom rings
Somewhere out beyond the dawn
A soaring eagle sings
Somewhere theres a masterpiece
To rise above these things
A marker that will guide us
To the realm of pirate kings.

Someday, some way well return.

We are chained
We are shackled to the treadmill of demand
We restrained
But proud romance of an ancient rebel stand
We are deprived
Of the self destruct relief of wild bunch conflict
Yet we survive
Because our eyes have seen the glory of tumult.

Someday, some way well return
Like pirate kings.

Composição: (farren, Kramer)

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