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Revolution In Apt 29

Wayne Kramer

We're having a revolution
In apartment 29
Someone brought bazookas
Someone's chilling wine
We're having a revolution
We meet on tuesday nights
We're rapping out our strategy
We're hot-to-trotskyites
We got the propaganda
We got the plans and the maps
We'll write a manifesto
Just after chips and pesto
And sleep on the railroad tracks.

We got your infiltrators, perpetrators,
Skinheads, pinheads, commie creeps
Infants and seniors and the nouveau riche
The homeless and the combless
And the chicks from the beach.
We got the software and the hardware,
We got the codes and the keys.
And the beer is imported,
We refuse to be thwarted
Gonna bring the man down to his knees
Gonna bring the man down to his knees
We gwineta do what we fawkking please.

We're having a revolution
Across all party lines.
We got more problems than solutions
But no one seems to mind.

We're having a revolution
In apartment 29
Reciting marx and lenin
And squeezing up the limes

We're having a revolution
And we're having it right now
There may be blood and bullets....

Composição: (kramer, Was)

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