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No Easy Way Out

Wayne Kramer

No shot of sobriety
Will bury all demons
That demand obedience
In pure self-destruction
And anger and hang-ups
And funky behavior.
No its not happy valley
Or a cheap ticket to heaven.

Plagued with indifference
Can't find the value
Searching for meaning
But we found disappointment
In grinding frustration
While seeking out shelter
Then finding redemption
In the arms of the loved one.
Yeah i've flown on wings of madness,
Sure i've had a fall from grace,
Yeah it's all part of the process.

There ain't no easy way out of this.
There ain't no easy road home.
There ain't no easy way out of this
Without your kiss
And your hand to hold...
No spiritual group-think
Or slacker detachment
Or 12-step jesus
Or career opportunities
Or natural medicine
Can bring me the comfort
That's found in the arms
Of the one that loves me.

There ain't no simple solution.
There ain't no miracle cure.
There ain't no easy way out of this
Without your kiss
And your tenderness...

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