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It's Never Enough

Wayne Kramer

Like diamond hits the spectrum
And gold drives men insane
The experimental monkey
Dialing for cocaine
Like a late lighted window
Through a veil of driving rain
Like staying through the last call
Like the hit that cures the pain

It's never enough
It's never enough
It's never enough, okay?
It's never enough

Hand over hand
Reaching for more
Eye on the prize
Racking the score
Grabbing the brass ring
Closing the deal
Vision of the conqueror
A license to steal

Like a tired desperation
Locked in endless flight
The disowned and disconnected
Self destructing for a fight
The fire consumes the jungle
The night consumes the day
It's the creed of the mindless
And it's greed rules the play

It's the treasure of the sierra madre, homes
Just blowing in the wind

Composição: (farren, Kramer)

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