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Count Time

Wayne Kramer

Count time
Count time gentlemen
Count time
Count time gentlemen

But your honor,
I was just trying to make a little money here.
It was your guy that had the briefcase
Full of hundred dollar bills.
Shit, i was out of work!

Funky mashed potatoes,
Vegetables steamed to death,
Salisbury steak swimming in fat,
Thats about all youll get.
Beef porcupines?
Its a mystery meat.
You aint got no choice
Cause a man hes got to eat.

Alright you prisoners line up.
Ammons, berry, brown, chudnick, cohen, crawford, getz, gordon, hawes, james, kramer, lynn, mezzrow, monk, parker, pepper, perez, sinclair.

Im gonna take some correspondence courses.
Get in some group therapy.
Modify my behavior.
See can i avoid coming back to this place again.

Like richard pryor said, \"they giving out time like it was lunch.\"
No matter how much power they got
They just cant stop that clock.

Composição: (kramer, Was)

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