Wayne Kramer

Bad Seed

Wayne Kramer

Cops on Ninth Street busting at random
DA on TV say dont try understand em
Custodial sentencing is all they need

Thats bad seed
I said bad seed
Genetic bad seed
Were talking bout bad seed.

Tattooed Neanderthal been messing with your daughter?
Shoot him down daddy dont give no quarter
Zero tolerance, let the bastard bleed
No big thing, hes just bad seed.

Thats bad seed
No question bad seed
Mutation bad seed
Were talking bad seed.

Pleading to a misdemeanor, copping to probation
Judicial system crapshoot becomes an education
Tell it to the judge, submit or concede?
I dont think so were just bad seed.

Thats bad seed
Generations of bad seed
Celebrations of bad seed
All your babies
Dogs with rabies, bad seed
You can taste em
And maybe waste em all, bad seed
A long line
You can define that bad seed
Start a war for
Body bags for bad seed
In the ghetto
In Chicago, more bad seed
Philadelphia got
Atlanta Georgia got bad seed

Small towns got bad seed
Big cities got
Detroit got bad seed
New York City got bad seed
LA got plenty of bad seed

Composição: Farren/ Kramer

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