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Two Man


Did I look too easy?
Did my heart seem too light?
I’m shaking, I’m stumbling
I can’t even breathe because of the way you’re looking at me

Why are you so mean?
Does he seem to be not enough?
How can you do this? Why are you doing this to me?
While he’s next to me

*I keep falling into your eyes
Without noticing, I keep falling
Don’t love me, don’t look at me
I can’t stop my heart

**Because of you, he’s suffering
Because of you my heart is all broken
I feel like I can’t breathe

Don’t call me late at night
Don’t look and smile at me
You can’t do that, my love can’t
My heart won’t listen to me



If we feel in love first
If you came to me first
How great would that have been, how great would that have been
I wish you were my person


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