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I Ask Of You


I ask of you, please, take care of him..
Love him more than you love yourself
He might look narrow minded
But if you get to know him your will realize he is alright

Sometimes hes a bit slow..
On a date he'll bring his friends along
Because hes a fool who believes that a mans friendships is more important than love

* hes had so much to drink, he isnt feeling too well
Hes so sensitive he falls asleep quickly
If you call him at night and he hangs up without a word
Dont get angry, just bear it

He loves watching dramas
And also loves sports
Detests girls who are too revealing
And doesnt like girls who smoke

Never try to be possessive of him
As he is the type who drifts apart from you if you try to do so
Also, dont say you love him too often
As he gets sick of it easily

** isnt me being like this laughable..
If i know him so much why did we split?
At the time i loved him..there were many things abotu him
I just could not understand..
But now that we are apart..
It is all so clear

Dont leave him to be lonely...

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