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Walkin' In The Neon


Everyboy, like a homeless toy, serches for the real joy but soon they'll see how it will be, sorroundings kills, life turns to pills you are what you see- pure destiny, you grab first you see, immediately but please don't really believe in anyone, accept what you feel Stay strong you're never alone leave the bad behind concetrate on what's important Go wrong take the illusions of society and wrap yourself in the darkness of your luxury Who cares about the universe, who cares about happiness? You should know the only way to go is the hardware stress But hardest way to life, the hardest way to the truth will make us humans lose
We're part of the magical movie we're walkin' in the neon (trancevision) we believe there's power to do it we are hungry for the real life
Your parents can't see they're mentally dead tangled in a web around your head there's somebody in but in too deep, stay strong you'll hear when your heart gives a beep there's something wrong around this place, there's an voverdose of human disgrace stay clean and drift towards the sun, remember life can be real fun Wake up you're on your way to the wrong side you lose yourself to the media corrosion Loosen up don't believe what you hear take a peace of your own life sow the seeds of reality

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