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Aching Eyes


Aching eyes of busted mind wearing disguise
Gate number 9 is ready to swallow the pride

Aching eyes, the distant time measures height
A flight to bonn, it's still yesterday's nightless night

The endless pain is hurting chest, it's hard to breathe
One can't find any place to fall in sleep

Aching eyes!

It's so mean with naked lies of losing life
Like a tramp, the fake smile without no fireside

Today's (and everyday's) schedule:
The board meeting 9 o'clock sharp at the grand hotel conference room
9.30 excursion to product development department
10.00 reporting results at the manager's launch
10.30 press release of the products prototype at the ministrys magnificent ovalhall
11.00 lunch with the local representatives of the subdivisions
12.00 sauna conference at the health clubs steam room
1.30pm e-mail the report to the global headquarters in helsinki
2.30pm departure of helsinki plane

Taxi to the airport of international departures building section b14

Beware, this is real!!!

Aching eyes!

Love is gone, without your arms i'm just exposed
Produce and use while i'll become a product myself!

Aching eyes...

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