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    The Gifted
    Ouvir álbum completo The Gifted Ano de lançamento: 2013Maybach Music Group / Atlantic Records
    1. The Curse Of The Gifted
    2. LoveHate Thing (Feat. Sam Dew)
    3. Sunshine
    4. Heaven's Afternoon (Feat. Meek Mill)
    5. Golden Salvation (Jesus Piece)
    6. Vanity
    7. Gullible (Feat. Cee Lo Green
    8. Bricks (Feat. Yo Gotti & Lyfe Jennings)
    9. Clappers (Feat. Nicki Minaj & Juicy J)
    10. Bad (Remix) (Feat. Rihanna)
    11. Tired Of Dreaming (Feat. Ne-Yo & Rick Ross)
    12. Rotation (Feat. Wiz Khalifa & 2 Chainz)
    13. Simple Man
    14. 88
    15. Black heroes / Outro About Nothing (Feat. Jerry Seinfield)
    16. Bad (Feat. Tiara Thomas)
    17. Back 2 Ballin (Feat. French Montana) (Target Bonus Track)
    18. MFS (Feat. Fat Trel) (Target Bonus Track)
    19. Hella (Feat. Dom Kennedy & YG) (Target Bonus Track)
    20. One Eye Kitten (Remix) (Feat. Webbie, Problem & Black Cobain) (Target Bonus Trac

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    (Verso 1)
    Ayo I'm goin places, Dior Homme lacin all occasions
    And Lord gave me amazing thinking and short patience
    Lay solo, forever flashy though I hate photos
    Date four hoes, make her smile
    and make her moan though
    Lady charmer, put armor by your baby mama
    I hate to say it a later moment I didn't warn ya
    High roller, big spender
    And my intentions to keep her on the sack
    you just saks fifth her
    I'm that different, this cat can react mad pimpish
    I gathered a couple hundred thousand, I can't remember
    They keep talkin and we keep winning
    Why niggas never say capisce until police chalk em
    Because of my bitch thats talkin, givin her head
    the streets will follow
    I come from a place where niggas my age
    ain't placed to see tomorrow
    To each his own but each of them
    is known to steal or rob you
    But jails are overpopulated but know there's seats in college
    And those are the least of problems
    I speak to God he says I'm alright
    My vision funny, though 20 20's my hindsight
    Bad bitches with me, real niggas with me
    Whole ghetto with me mixin Ketel with the Simply
    Like the sweet anguish, find your peace baby
    I know the millions you get come with a billion haters, yea

    Forgive me, I'm a rider
    Sure I'm just a simple man
    All I want is money, fuck the fame
    I'm a simple man, lawd
    You know that I'm a rider
    Tell em just a simple man
    All I want is money, fuck the fame
    I'm a simple man, lawd

    (Verso 2)
    I'm pickin' apart, my wicked opponents
    Get in my zone
    Niggas can't join us, so, these niggas done cloned us
    Look at me close, see the results you see a nigga a loner
    Cause all of the bitches
    thats giving me grief also be given me boners
    Blow up in rap, young and you black
    Niggas Be blowin your phone up
    Whenever you don't, lose you a homie, ho
    Adult from show cuz
    If you get that, then roll up
    If you get that, that's no love
    Every move you make they got lip
    Every chick you like done got kids
    And forget that chick had brought friends
    Every jay you hit you need vent
    Every friend you got, got M. O's
    I'm in a game, even with a deep bench
    I'mma ball like small fro Kobe
    Without the 8, but all the hate though
    Pockets thicker all my niggas, ain't the same though
    I just came up, fuck is you sayin' though
    Gave the business my heart, it just gave me the finger
    Nigga, yeah

    Forgive me, I'm a rider
    Sure I'm just a simple man
    All I want is money, fuck the fame
    I'm a simple man, lawd
    You know that I'm a rider
    Tell em just a simple man
    All I want is money, fuck the fame
    I'm a simple man, lawd

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