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100 Hunnit


I promised Ricky and Milly that I'ma kill it
Running throughout them digits, and Dollars on me I'm on it
I'm running I'm so 100 with every nigga I run with
Tell them niggas we coming, we f-cking it up this summer

(Meek Mill)
And I'm stunting like it ain't nothing, most of these niggas fronting
I pull this Rolly from Travi, and I got this Beamer from nothing
If they ain't talking bout paper, just tell them end of discussion
And now that I'm getting money, my neighbors turn to my cousins

Gold bottles, lot of bitches
Didn't think I'm sorry I'm such a shallow nigga
The mind on me just shine on them, you shadow women
Went out with rats you niggas should be in glass slippers

(Meek Mill)
Ha, and I don't ever ask the price on it
Married to the money hater, throw some rice on it
I told my jeweler get my Mueller, throw some mimes on it
I treat that p-ssy like it's Tina, I go Ike on it
Beat it up, I'm getting heated up
When I say I'm high, I ain't talking weed it up
Bitch I'm talking G5, Titobero?, ? out
Beaters on my sneakers, even though I never be with Dex
B and me, train hi up

(Meek Mill)
He lying I'm on papers
But when I beat this shit off, ima go and buy some Lakers
Yea I'm talking bout that Cali kush, We can work in?
Two bad bitches in the back, they prettier than ratty look

Bitch I'm hot as Wasabi in Abu Dhabi
In a sauna with some models, we treat them like?
I ain't thugging, I ain't robbing, I'm puffing on my broccoli
Doing 100 in a bucket, be like 20 in a 'rari

(Meek Mill)
And I'm back on this shit again,uP

Compositor: Wale & Meek Mill

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