you know it's true we're both the same.
in a storm of words we get lost in what is said.
You know me and you see through me.
so why are you confused by the things i say and do?
Do you know me?

You see the strain upon my face
Please , don't rain on my parade.
It comes to light, it comes in waves,
it's gone too late.
it goes astray, it goes too far and you say
it's clear i know where all your buttons are.
it's not so strange, you know, it's not so queer
that i know they're there 'cause i'm the one
who put them there, exactly as you feared.
i know you and i see though you
so why am i surprised by the things you say and do?
i don't know why.

i see the strain upon your face.
i won't rain on your parade.
it comes to light it comes in waves.
it's gone too late.
Don't steal the smile fom off my face.
Please don't rain on my parade...

i know that i can't replace you
and it would be a lie to say that i could ever try.

it's gone too late
it's gone too late
it cuts too ways
it cuts too ways
it's gone too late

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