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Do i look the same to you? 'cause i don't feel so
You know everything must change as time goes by.
Though it feels like yesterday when we first met.
i feel i'm sinking deeper.
Do you look the same to me? Well, i don't think so.
You know everything must change as time goes by
like the flowers that dry, locking inside
forever their beauty

And they said this feeling fades,
it gets stronger everyday

And they say that beauty fades.
You're more beautiful than ever.
They said we'd drift avay.
We're still standing here.
And it feels like everyday is our anniversary.

Well, i stumble through the dark and light a candle
and the path the wax will take, no one can know.
And you said it looked like snow or maybie clowds,
and i think it looks like Heaven
So we make it into a ring and make a mold.
And we melt above the flames the whitest gold.
when hot and cold collide what's left in place
is forever and ever

And they said our love would fade
it gets stronger everyday...

Some say things worth having take some time
As they get older they get better

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