Visions Of Atlantis

Like waiting for a dawn of... an inner
Confidence, like ignorance don't miss
The change tonight
And when occlusion's drawn up... all
The lights won't stop to put you on
The display of this shop

The time after rising... from the ashes
Is so cold, between the world and you
The icing, and you know you have been

But it's too late to cancel,
Points of no return
No time to learn until you
Forecasts (four casts) of our ration
Of the crowd alone
And all those acting
Things you call the tide

But when the curtain's falling...
Waiting forlorn for the day,
Remaining just those memories afraid
They will not stay

Stay tonight, never bail, and you will prevail
Inner sight, former gale, now the storm won't fail
Wasted years, wasted tears bringning
Back your fears
But anything caused everything and
Now you got the wing

Expressions on a window, would you
Call it stage, better call it sage to be
The hub tonight
Whenever it may end up, never think
To stop, never lead those days out
From the light

Like leaves over a loom gale,
We're carried through the world
And after years on this assumed trail
You realize the aim would hurt

Hurt your heart, take your soul
Never find this hole
To rise again to fill the air
For you there's no spare
Wasted years
Wasted tears bringing
Back you fears
But anything caused everything, and
Now you got the wing

Compositor: Mario Plank

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