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Acid Heart


Acid Heart
(Pit Passarell e Felipe Machado)

Let's see the face of the 90's
Masking with drugs healthy minds
Science has the answer to your body
We see no end to this story.
Rain is pouring on me
But it ain't washing down
The poison from my soul.
Future means your consolation
But no cure for life's devastation
Now there's a cancer in the air
Just words will not seed the land.
Rain is pouring again
But it ain't washing down the poison
Purify me.
Free my acid heart
Last cry deep inside
No one is here to save us now
Life is far away
And no blood is safe
No one can save us now.
Living and dying
Selling and buying
Pass on your worries to the next.
Disease from chemical reaction
Ripping the skin of a nation
Altering the natural composition
Good fuel for the last ignition.
Rain is pouring on me
But it ain't washing down the poison
Crucify me.

Compositor: Pit Passarel E Felipe Machado

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