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Shadow Of Death


Running through the battlefield
Stepping on corpses
A scene of terror has taken all sights
Nothing to do for their miserable lives

Can you feel my burning eyes?
They’re consumed by pain
I’m fighting for no reason
Dying by the man on command

The shadow of death!!!

Face to face with enemy
He isn´t different from me
May God has mercy for his soul
Cause I won´t have it

I can´t take this hell anymore
Struggle to escape from this place
I´ve nothing more to loose
Except for my chains

The Shadow of death!!!

God is away. Awake. Wake to die.
Live in demise, walk in the edge of the sanity.
Vision goes blind; heart goes dark, waiting the sentence to burn
Kill innocents is to kill, to fade, yourself.

Drowned in a sea of hate / total disorder/
March into Devastation / Living in torture/
Pain! Inside of me! No hope
You gonna die

The Shadow of Death

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