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Let The Violation Begin


Representing the law
Extorting our blood
We're victms of abuse
Buying our freedom
Cops are thirsty to rip your ass apart,
Tracing people like dogs
We're trapped in a dead end


Running, we can never hide
Fear, invading our minds
Mayhem and terror are spreaded on the streets
But there's always to resist

Reply all repression
Face the authority
Answer with the same aggression
Let the violation begin!

Corrupted feelings
are supported by the State
To serve and protect
is to violence and to rape
Dollars mean respect
Exhausting our vital force
Officers are dirtier
than the criminals the chase



Justice is blind because
their crimes are forgotten
Screams are silenced
with the sticks in our throats
The years of submission'll be
avenged someday
Action brings reaction
and it will rise with pain!


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