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The Apple & The Tree

Vince Staples

Hey, look here
I don't-I don't know
I, see, I like I told Nicole
I said, "Hey, I done got on the witness stand and lied my ass off
So, so your daddy goin' to jail for tryna shoot somebody
I said "Nana, " I said-you do-, I didn't even know I had did that
I had forgot I had did it, I was looking for her
Now, now I had to be kind of out of my mind
But I was angry, you know, sometimes when I got angry, I didn't think
Well, I done went over to somebody house, I knew the girl
I peaked in the house and everything
but I'm over there lookin' for somebody
You know, tryna get a nigga, you know what I mean? I'm like "Shit"
A nigga said "Y'all remember the time
you came over our house, girl, lookin' for so-andso? "
We didn't even know what to do, we like "Damn
she at the door, ain't gon'-ain't gon' open it"
Dude, I'm like "Damn, I must've been real stupid"
But I'm just sayin' to the point
where I'm tryna make up where I came from
You know what I mean? You know
I was singing in the choir with a gun in my purse
So don't go there with me
Don't tell me, well, I don't care what you want, you dead

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