Vince Staples

Summertime 06


Know your sick of all the same old thangs
Same club wit' the same champagne
Backwoods, tryin' to burn your brain
Wit' a broke-ass nigga in the Carmax Range
You ain't nothin' but a vibrant thang
Ass too thick for your 5' 10" frame
Want to spend all night in your nine lives?
Get to purrin' when that liquor get to burnin'
Get it crackin', why you actin' like a virgin?
Where it come from, mama or the surgeon?
You paid for it, did you pray for it? Get twerkin'
And a nigga gotta sit and wait for it, is it worth it?
Why I ask when I already know?
Don't mind me, mind already gone
Nigga better not keep callin' ya phone
Have my dogs in the yard at his home

You know you drive me crazy

Girl, you lookin' like somethin' out of King
Magazine, fifteen in the magazine
Hope a nigga don't run up tweakin'
I'm tryna to have a good time this evening
91 Freeway, eastbound, speedin'
Late night but the face right, I need it
Mando, I'm the man though, you see it
Niggas wanna kill me, so I gotta keep it
I ain't really into clubs, into nightlife
Only kick it wit' the thugs, I ain't never did a drug
Weed blowin' what I does, need your mind right
They won't ever catch a nigga at the stoplight
What your life like?
Would you ride for a nigga, die for a nigga?
Court room lie for a nigga?
Switch up to set up a snitch on a nigga?
Maybe, still gon' drive me crazy

You know you drive me crazy

Siempre quiere estar en la calle gusta con
Amigos como pendejo y nunca quieres estar en la casa
Tienes cosas que hacer en la casa también
Siempre quieres estar con ellos
y nunca quieres estar conmigo what the fuck
Yo no sé que vas hacer
but you need to get your shit together
Because a mi no me vas a tratar
como ninguna otra pendeja estupido

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