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Lakewood Mall

Vince Staples

Nigga met this nigga at the Mcdonald's at Lakewood Mall
This nigga like, randomly, like
"Bro, I got the Blue L. A's for yo' 38 Derringer"
Mind you nigga, this a, this a, you feel me?
It's the little pearl hammer, handle thing, in and out
Nigga give it to him
Later on that night, nigga get pulled over
Police thoroughly searched the car
On God, nigga would've got cracked if I would've kept it
And they never even knew I got rid of the gun
I never told 'em, so the whole time
they sеarchin', everybody in the car is scarеd
I forgot to tell 'em, like, nigga been gave that shit away
Then niggas go to this lil' party
Whatever the case, niggas like
"Fuck it, we ain't got nothin' to do, we gon' go"
Mind you, niggas ain't had shit to do all day
Niggas be gettin' robbed and some mo' shit, it's, it's wild
Vince like "Nah, I'm cool, " niggas go shake, go home
Later on that night, the homie, they get booked
Two bodies, crazy, allegedly though, free Ty Bud
Moral of this whole story
nigga gotta think ahead, which a nigga always has
You gotta separate yourself from bullshit (My world filled blue)
Can't get wrapped up in it (My life is blue)
And once again it's still free Pac Slimm 'til they free Pac Slimm

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