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Brand New Tyga - Interlude

Vince Staples

It's your girl Ayydé, this is Big Boy's Neighborhood
Make sure you keep it locked
We got that brand new Tyga on the wayhey, dr-dr-drop-top in the rain (Rain)
Pop, pop, pop it in the face (Face)
I think I need a vacay (Ayy)
'Cause your bitch wanna get away (Get away)
Let the bitch get away (Get away)
Whole squad and me getting laid (Getting laid)
Drop, drop-top in the rain (Rain)
Pop, pop, pop it in your face

Ha, ripping Harley when the chopper blast
Lil Cheese, put the silence on the rat
My niggas will kill, they the real men in black
And that's no cap, like a undergrad

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