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Watcha Talkin' Bout

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham

I remember talkin to you constantly
Cos we were cool like that
Playing silly games with you we had a ball
Going to the movies or just hangin out
Watching a DVD but now its lets do lunch
The limos picking you up around three, sayin
Hit me on my mobile I'm a little busy
Gotta a lot of people to call oh

Watcha talkin bout I don't really hear it
Cos you keep on fading out you're not coming through
Watcha gonna do watcha talkin bout
Who you think you're fooling theres no way I'm hanging out with someone like you
Watcha gonna do

It started when the fame and fans kept comin in
And then you changed on us
Then you told us you were cool and we were wrong
When I call you on the phone you act like you ain't home
Your checking your caller ID now I've seen it all why you getting fake on me?
Know you gotta lot of problems and you need to solve them
But it's not gonna be with me around me around oh with me around oh no


Wish it be the same but I doubt that you could change
Cos you're caught up in your me myself and I don't give a
Cos I know we're not the ones to blame but we had it goin on
Till you started doin us wrong I'm not trying to be a hater but your words are stuck
I'm fed up and I've had enough oooh oooh tell me

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