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Chewing Gunpowder

Vicious Art

Come haunt us this wonder of life
Come give us what we desire
Confront us these powerful lies
The lamb the lamb is gonna die

This is the place I am inside
Rain down the fallen will rise

Comfort us come fill us with life
From my eyes down to her smile
And yet I can't reach no light
The lamb the lamb is gonna die

There is life in these old hands
Move closer it will disband
You use me like I'm a drug
Come forth end us or you'll die

Oh deny oh but why fear we cry you try
Oh we stay oh away fear we try you cry

Come darkness I feel so alive
Come nightmares don't need to hide
Constrict us come play in the night
The lamb the lamb is gonna die

The last leaf of this dying tree
The cross eyed angel now set free
You tried to show me to your guns
It's blood for blood and now we're done
I will bring you down
I will take your crown
I will crush your soul
You will die alone

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