Run Run Run

Vicci Martinez

This is the road I want to take
This is the choice I want to make
This is the life that I create, yeah, yeah

Is this the start of something new?
Is this my only way to you?
This is the best that I can do, yeah, yeah

Where do we go?
Oh, oh, I want to know
Where do we go?
Oh,oh, I want to know

Why do I run, run, run, run?
Why do I run, run, run, run?
The days go by I can't deny
I can't erase your face
Why do I run,run, run, run?

This is the day I have to face
This is the moment to embrace
This is something I can't replace, yeah, yeah

From the only home
I've ever known
From what I just found
And in circles all around
From the ones I love
And the stars above
To another space
I'm just trying to find my place
Am I right or wrong
Where do I belong
Will I ever stay
Hey, I wanna know
Where do I go
Why do I run?

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