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Ynsp (Feat. Eliza Doolittle)

Vic Mensa


[Intro: Vic Mensa]
Yeah (yeah)
Yung Netscape
Save Mula baby!
Yeah, yeah, yeah

[Hook: Vic Mensa]
Yung Net Save Peso

[Bridge: Eliza Doolittle]
So why do you wanna know?
I'm not that puppy dog jumping for bones
How high will you go?
The makers are making it, there'll be no faking it

[Verse 1: Vic Mensa]
OOh, lemme talk my shit
16 when they tried to give me 35 hundred
Now them labels back on my dick
Yap yap woop-woop
How's life these days?
Gotta say man shits legit
Generally a rowdy roller rolling ayatollah
Tell me that ain't blowing up quick
Shit for the birds, let 'em sleep with the fish
First off, tell 'em Vic back
To bury the bullshit niggas be signing
To be honest yo I told No I. D. that shit wack
Wasn't even trying to be arrogant
Bearing comparison to us
I mean it's kinda just fact
Who could make the globe shift with a flow switch
when I wrote this
I was on a plane feelin' like David Blaine
I blow 'em out the water when they try to put me in a box
Box with God when I throw fists
High society Haile Selassi out with a full clip
Basquiat with a pen
Hand paint the benz in the bodyshop
Kamikaze top blown back you a throwback
God knows we the new shit
You know the name you know the gang
I know they saying we up next
But fuck that I'm right now
Yung Net!


[Verse 2]
Ain't shit change but everythang
Wonder how I stay afloat
When the pressure on my name
could probably make a levee sink
Sing another song
See beauty in the pain
Paint a picture, put ya picture in a magazine
Lost a few niggas, red tattoo for my blues
True back when I was 17 I couldn't wait to be king
Close my eyes in my sleep
Hear my dreams sound so loud
Every show sold out
So to happens it happened
Magic, jumping like Mike I'm Johnson meets Jackson
Yap yap (woop woop)
Hitting 6 corners in a drop top, that's a hexagon
Someone told me I've been 'posed to blow
I'm cutting you from the rope, if I'm next in line
Be careful how you react (be cool)
They actually after you happily capture you
cappin' your beef
Put a bullet in your back
Killers stay awake when the streets go to sleep
Tv's in the seat couldn't show you where you at
Pitch black, nightmare
Kill 'em right there
Write like Richard Pryor to rap
Toussaint to slave was supplying the sack


Dan: Yoo, Vic, whattup man?
Yo, I'm just making sure, yo are you sleeping?
Vic: Huh, yeah... Shit, I dunno
Dan: What? Vic, the flight leaves at 7: 30 man
Leavin' [?] at the Lax
Vic: 20 to the 0, shawty got that ass though
*coughs* What's up?
Dan: Dude, get up!
You need to get to the airport now, man
Vic: Alright I'm up, I gotchu, I'm up. I'm up
I'm finna just, just like lay back down
for a second and shit, but I'm up though
Dan: Go, cause you're late, don't be late man
I need you to get on that plane. 7: 30
leaving O'Hare going to Lax

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