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Lovely Day

Vic Mensa


Every... where... you... go

[Verse 1: Vic Mensa]
Wake up wake up good morning
Go to sleep like Clay did Foreman
Ali Baba stole this Prada product
Private stock storing
Stupid booster used to
Loiter on stoops with Chuk and Chancellor
Make ya dance or chant my name
And if not just change the channel
Me and Yayo going ham in the whip nigga
Fuck that taking shots in the parking lot
Raps a tranny party room full of bitch niggas
No synagogue quite unorthdox
Top back like top that
Top gun like Tom Cruise
Tommy pickles, bitches jockin
In they panties Moulin Rouge
Red lipstick kiss slick as a slit wrist
Quick draw Vic
Put my dick on zip disk
Or send it to her in a Twitpic
Run up and die trying
But id rather just get rich
5-0 drive slow hot coal move ya feet
Pick and roll ooh ya sweet
Good to go o-o-oh

Oh oh oh what a lovely day
It... is what a lovely day

Sun is shinin'
Night is callin'
I think I'm fallin'
Fallin' for you

[Verse 2: Vic Mensa]
Not too loud cause the baby sleepin'
And the next door neighbors they be tweakin'
And the rent been due since last week
But the last few nights been a crazy weekend
We can communicate without speakin'
She can feel what I been thinkin'
I been thinkin'
Maybe that maybe you had brought up and that baby
Im goin' out of my head a bit
They told me come back down to earth
Swerve lanes in a minivan packed full of
Grade school kids and a pound of herb
Urban disturbin' turban totin' terrorist smokin' potent
Afghan my pack and I back hand
ballot holders yea bitch im voting
Innanet el presidito my runnin' mate just me and Nico
He the genius I'm Don Carlito comeback season
Drake in a pea coat
Pullin' up in a stolen El Camino
Like where the Black Keys go
Lean in my uh Jarritos
[In Humboldt Park waving hi to the mamacitos]
To you truly from the, one who loves you most
Work your feet and then work your beck
Say I'm a loser that's where it's at
Too cool for school never had no fun
Let's get crazy let's get stupid
Stick a wet fork in a Usb port
Innanet electrocution


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