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Fear & Doubt (Feat. Joey Purp & Kenna)

Vic Mensa


[Hook: Kenna]
I live in a daze, fightin' through the phase
Goin' out in a blaze and I blaze and I blaze
Lighting in the flames, burnin' in the raids
Goin' out in a blaze and I blaze and I blaze

[Verse 1: Vic Mensa]
Starin' at a narrow-point reflection of myself
Questionin' what is my life to become?
I wonder if I'll ever be the man, my momma wish I was
Or will I end up victim to the hand of a gun?
Given the current circumstances I stand alone
No one to hold me but me
I mean it's hard not to be stressed
Stretchin' myself to the bone, can't feel my chest
I been heavin' cause all this smoke I been breathin' in
just to not be depressed
All the pressures from record labels around me
And the band, still tryna sign me
Finally in a position to put all that shit behind me
How many mothers have a son they never know?
Nobody questions what they do
nobody wonders where they go
I'm goin' around in circles chasin' myself in contradiction
With a pistol to the back of my head
Prolly pull the trigger the moment after I make it big
Pretty white seats in the Lambo all plastered in red
My nigga, me? Naturally I forever be fly
It's in my blood, it has to be, how could I ever be not?
Ain't a question when and where
cause I'mma forever get mine
Stand in my way, that be the day they get a deputy shot
Goin' back? Fuck that. That used to be me
I used to be weak, we used to be thieves
Steal my shoes for a second, think about it
What if you could be me? What would you do?
Fuck would you do?


[Verse 2: Joey Purp]
Holla at your boy, it's Purple baby they label me
A problem and I probably am, so I don't knock 'em
How I pull up in that Caddy on trims? Clean chakras
With a Oscar-winning bitch, she got on door knockers
And I'm knocking down your door if it's war, partner
Deepak Purple, that boy conscious
Jack four Biancis, come back with a pound a
Broccoli like how he? Why he? Cause I be
Moving through the city like a Iv
trynna be monogamous
But I got bitches on my dick
like I'm the shit cause I'm the shit
And I only promise this
To my little girl, I'mma bring you the world
Yo fuck that
Niggas love to talk, but that talkin' shit
out the conversation
You young niggas gon' fuck up
and start some complications
Your baby mothers, your cousins
grandmother's congregatin'
One more time and your fuckin' life confiscated
I seen good niggas die over less so how you trippin'?
A higher power sent you
and your niggas on your mission?
The Muslims preach to the Jews
to preach to the Catholics and Christians
My brother's serving a life sentence
nigga how you livin'?
My homie get it on the boat, nigga how you get it?
My momma usually like to snort, nigga how you feel it?
I asked him if it's easy to kill, he said hardly
Killed a nigga in the club
took the life out the party, huh?


[Break: Vic Mensa]
This is me at the end of the day
Forget the talkin', forget all of the lies
and forget all of the cameras
Who's who and who's watchin'?
The water for my soul for the day I hit the coffin

[Outro: Vic Mensa] x6
Know I'mma get mine, I'mma get mine
I'mma get mine, I'mma get mine

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