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Send Me


[Shari sings]
Send me the word
I will be fine
Long as I put my faith in you

[Verse 1]
Lord, I don't talk to you as much as I should
Please forgive me for the wrongs that I've done, you know my heart is good
Thank you for your heavenly son, I overstood the lesson
I lost enough to know the present is a gift and blessing
Send me to heaven's direction, the essence of perfection
I am that I am I know that I am a reflection
I'm confessing surrender
Enter my heart chambers
Guide me through the dark ages with help from your archangels
They say that God can save us
The claims are not outrageous
Lord I'm praying for your grace so it can be contagious
I flipped through pages of the bible
Heard Martin Luther King junior on vinyl for hidden clues to survival
Meditated with my shakrah open from the base of my spinal
Been spitting knowledge so much it sounds like a college recital
But, your grace is vital if I am to carry on
It's by the grace of you that I continue to be strong
And I've been wrong about so many things I'm open-eyed
You talk compassion, a purpose by which to live or die
It's perfect love, cast out fear, ain't no fear inside
Perhaps I speak in tongues and only words you recognize
Besides sending blessings, you showed me heaven's present
Every time I see a woman, beauty's of the essence
Touching the flesh reminds me of the joys of birth
As letting go of blood is like being buried in earth

Send me the word
I will be fine
Long as I put my faith in you

[Verse 2]
I would have no worth if it wasn't for you
I'm in the love of the all, and in the all love is true
I am one with the all, and all is one with me
Send me to a place where the all is all I can see
All praises to the Elohim

[Jai Lartey]
Over and over you been by my side
I won't stop until the day I die
There's too many people barely getting by
And all I can do is sit and wonder, "Why?"

Close my eyes and take a breath inside
Open the paper, it's a homicide
So many souls laying in the lost and found
All that I ask is send a message down...

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