I See


I see my people round me dying, I see the faces of their mothers crying
I see the eyes of a guilty priest that knows he's lying
People denying shit their eyes have seen too
The pain it tears them to remember, so it doesn't seem true
I see a few who try to leave, I see their fathers locked in jail
A few years the few leave cause all they see is this hell
I see the children with no future, I see the barrel of a state trooper
I feel the steel when he jabs me with his fucking Ruger
America the beautiful? Inside I see medusa
I see the glare from a mom who wish she never knew ya
I see these news reporters with worry glazed on their faces
See little homies lonely cause their boys are catching cases
Burying their aces. All we knew was chasing paper!
Don't know shit but selling dope, that's how the system made ya
I see a bunch of haters, I see the problems major
I hear them say messiah, I have yet to see a Savior
I'm hearing Satan whisper, "Snaps, I need a couple favors."
I see a bunch of fakers, I feel a rush of anger
So anytime I be myself they say I'm acting stranger
See cowardice as obstacles cause they don't see the danger
No I don't see a later, I say open the present
Got this here fetish for fighting cause freedoms been neglected
I see frustration on faces of hopeless paramedics
Playing God, Forever lost because their spirit's shredded
I see leaders beheaded. I see followers cower
I see the queens hating the kings because theirs no royal power
I see the devils towers, statues and his monuments
I see him staring, laughing, hiding behind politics
I see the women going to the law to raise their children
The same law that wants us gone, so children feel like killing!
I see a race of villains, but not inside the mirror
I see existence ending! I feel it coming nearer!
The fear of Satan's doubting God, see I will never fear ya
It took my peers falling like tears to make my vision clearer
Mankind is like a theatre, and it's these spirits acting
A drama epic war story and they've been attacking
I see it's time for action. See the director laughing
But you'n, the one who wrote the script, dog, I don't see him clapping
The audience is gasping, cause characters are missing
Either you need to read your script or need to pay attention
We're scarred by mental whippings, we've hung from social lynching
That's why our mental's flinching, that's why there's social tension
That's why our mental's tripping. Our social tries to fit in
So niggaz dance away their problems cause they feel like chilling
I'm seeing too much chilling. I see no preparation
A few will see a million, but more incarceration
Nigga, your time is wasting. You must defeat the matrix!
You seeing through the eyes of God then all this shit is naked!
Agility won't shake it....Iniquity is quicker
First you must fix your language...God ain't nobody's nigga!
And while you're pouring liquor, you need to pour some knowledge
Inside your children's heads that you know they won't learn in college
Our lives are at its hardest, the truth is looking darkest
Now that you know who God is, you need to kill that nonsense
I see enough narcotics, to know it's not the money...
Its unity, cause our communities are looking ugly
Children hungry, bloody, die before they're 25
Want every spoken word to be some shit that stays alive
I see my world die, overcast by teary eyes...
My whole time growing told that grown men ain't supposed to die
Youth ain't supposed to die, so hope is like a lie
So recognize the revolution won't be televised
So recognize its revelation and its bout that time
Neglect of going eye for eye has left my niggaz blind
They went straight through the eyes to touch the brain and fuck the mind!
So what's a crime when I might see demise for writing rhymes?
Getting Kind vibrations from this stolen African
Is like getting water when you try to boil sand
Futile. So what are blacks to do now?
The media portrays each Nubian child as too wild
And if you see the movies now, they laughing bout them 3 strikes
Taking place in California, trapping soldiers for life!
No politician's getting life, and the deal the most drugs
Nobody treats us niggaz right, and we shed the most blood
I see no love inside the eyes of an abandoned mother
To pay the bills she'd fuck ya, rather hustle ya then love ya
I see these motherfuckers passing laws to kill my brothers
I see this rain of terror, see no where to run for cover
I see the black demise, before we die its time to ride
So recognize the revolution won't be televised
We serve a living God who never changes, never lies
So recognize the revolution won't be televised
It's Revelation, Armageddon, and its time to rise
So recognize the revolution won't be televised [x3]

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