Fooled by a cunning disguise, your eyes distracted no privy to lingering lies.
No warning, only blue skies.
The light will fade leaving only alibis.
Honestly, what else did you think I would possibly do without you?
On that fateful moonless night I saw the final glimpse of light.
Your hand went limp without a sound.
The silence slowly crept into my ear to stay inside and always be a part of me.
In that final moment I knew I had nothing left to fear.
This is not to be taken for granted.
This is not a time for me.
A valentine: responsible - a comfort should not and couldn’t come for free.
A tourniquet: apparently incapable of panning your purpose from mediocrity.
I guess it was too much to wish that I could be standing there beside you in a constant state of mystery.

Turn. Feel all alone. It’s time to replace myself.
I’ve finally come to realize that I’m not even real despite all the time it’s taken me to believe.
As if it was right to let you down your purity all but let me drown.
The thought alone might interfere with my thieving sovereignty.
You want to believe I have not gone but I’m out here by myself stranded alone.
To dig in a wound, to cuddle the vein; stroking a nerve just to deliver me pain.
Live in a dream, die in the flame; tell me I’m not coming back here again.
Haven’t I done my time in your opinion?

Tell me what you want to do.
Help me lift the burden from you.
Tell me what you want to see.
I’ll work out the pieces for you on my time.
Desperately seeking chosen memories.
Omitting each and every casualty, but always provoked to feel alone.
All alone with a secret; all alone so I keep it.
Could you be mistaken?
You seem visibly shaken.
Tell me what is the problem with this happy cessation?

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