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Crazy In a Good Way


I was so desperate
Couldn't catch a breath
Every day was a mess
I couldn't rest
I felt it in my chest
An emptiness
I was loving myself less
In my mind, I tried to convince myself
I didn't need anyone's help
But you stole my locked and guarded heart
And I said to myself

It's about to get
Crazy crazy crazy in a good way
Crazy crazy crazy in a good way
Oh, I love the way you wrecked my life
Look into these eyes
I'm crazy crazy crazy in a good way

I can hardly believe
There's no way that I'm asleep
Feels like I'm a dreamer holding wonderland's key
This reality, it's insanity
That you could love someone like me
Your love is a labyrinth where I dwell
I'll never know anyone else
Who could find me in the darkest part of my garden's heart
And somehow love me still

Stranger, stranger
I'm a stranger here

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