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At The End Of The World


Blood red lipstick
Bite your tongue
Cause I'm not listening
Try to convince me
But I'm resisting
This poisoned point of view

I hear the voices say you're never gonna make it
And you're not strong enough to cut through all the tension
These words keep rattling my soul
But I know

At the end of the world
When the sun can't see the city
At the end of the world
If your arms are wrapped around me
I feel invincible, I'll overcome it all
Even when the sky is falling
As long as you are with me
At the end of the world
At the end of the world

Animalistic, human sickness
Can't pretend I am not affected
Fear comes crawling
Worry is calling
But our love drowns out the sound

Never leave me
Never leave me
Say you're never gonna leave

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