Verbal Assault

In eighteen years
You have it all figured out
You know the score
What it's all about
Such a short time
But so far to go
You cannot even understand
What you don't know

Eyes wide open
But you cannot see
Their helplessness
Their suffering
Their misery
Then in a contemptuous tone
You proceed to tell me
Fairy tales and bullshit
Of how it should be

It's not that way

Six white walls
Become a rich girl's cage
Sheltered from
Their impoverished rage
Your attitude hurts more than bombs ever will
It's stupidity that kills
Why can't you understand?
(When you're in your white walls
You don't have to see)
Why can't you understand?

You shut your eyes
And close your mind
But that can't hide the shame
Or the pain
I hold you to blame for their pain
You're to blame

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