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River Of Life III

Veni Domine

The angel said to me:
These words are trustworthy and true
The lord, the god
Of the spirits of the prophets
Sent his angel to show
His servants the things
That must soon take place
Behold, I am coming soon
Blessed is he who keeps the words
Of the prophecy in this book
I John, am the one who heard
And saw these things
And when I had heard and seen them
I fell down to worship at the feet
Of the angel who had been showing
Them to me
But he said to me: do not do it
I am a fellow servant with you
And with your brothers the prophets
And of all who keeps the words
Of this book - worship god
Then he told me: do not seal up
The words of the prophecy of this book
Because the time is near
Let him
Who does wrong continue to do wrong
Let him
Who is vile continue to be vile
Let him
Who does right continue to do right
Let him
Who is holy continue to be holy

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