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Last Letter From Earth: Beyond The Doom (Chapter 2)

Veni Domine

[Music / Lyrics by Fredrik Ohlsson]

Days of fear
He was rising in the deepest of crisis
So unexpected as a bringer of order
He puts his name up in the highest of places
A new emperor took over

I saw the time - the mirror of the prophecies
I saw the crime - the vanishing democracies

Once a dream
I saw the world recieved the signs from his vision
So calculated with a great privity
And no one dared to turn the face from his mission
"Rise against the Trinity"

Tha nations fall - affected by his miracles
I heard the call - the idol and the rituales

The name remained the same
There I saw the face of the antichrist
Blessed were those found
The answer
Sheltered from the bound of the antichrist
Well disguised

Lost was the world by his blasphemous name
Throwing its shadow of sorrow and pain

I was alone with all the answers why
Cried on my own, saw all nations die
Souls grew so cold, darkened by times of fear
Things I was told made me see things so clear
The end was near

The martyr was my role
A promise to my soul, "reviel the antichrist"
So well disguised - he hypnotized
The world was mesmerized

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