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I see these Uniforms
March up and down my Street
They're holding fire arms
And their dying to let them breathe
There marching back and forth
Stop you can hear their feet
They'll never say out loud
What they don't want us to read

But today I'm go'n find
Some more sick and twisted minds.
That can make, make me feel
That I'm in to something real

There's a Monster in my brain
(walk away)
Walk away from me
Tried to keep him tame
(what'd you say)
What'd you say to me?!
Focus on the floor.
(where's the door?)
Come on just get out
Just turn the knob and push and go
But then you open up your mouth.

Bullets off your lips
(walk away)
Walk away right now!
Target direct hit.
(what'd you say?)
Why'd you say that now?
Every time I think
Think we've come
Think we've come so far.
It's a circle that we've run, we're right back to the start!

(chorus #2)
But today I'm go'n find
Some more sick and twisted minds
That can make, Make me think
That I'm not the only freak
It's Ok, I can see
That we're not afraid to bleed
It's not hard, hard to die
When you're more afraid of life

Uniforms... I fear they're coming in their Uniforms to storm our streets
With fire arms.
I see them holding their fire arms and they're dying to breathe
Back and forth, you hear them marching it's back and forth you can feel their feet,
Stay the course, they underestimate the fact that I'm, I'm not afraid to bleed!

(Chorus out)

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