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What is the point we can't turn back?
What have we left to lose?
You're so quick to tie the traits that I lack
While you're winding up my noose

Forget what you feel,
But not what you felt,
Wasn't I good to you?
I swallowed my pride,
And tightened my belt,
So we could make it through,

Don't ever tell me I should close my eyes,
I've been here once or twice before,
I am a product of paradise,
Avid perfection attracts storms.

There's a fault in your eye,
Your about to break down,
Go on reduce my will to clay,
Fingers aren't made to wrap people around,
You do it every day.

So go on wrap it tight it's good while it lasts,
It's gonna hurt you too.
You cut off the blood when you run from your past,
It's go'n catch up to you,
Cause I'm still tied on to you.

(Chorus out)

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