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Karma Is A Professional Wrestler


Flying off the top is great until you come back down,
Landing is not near as nice when nothing is around,
Break your neck and break your back and break up all your friends,
Pull the band until it snaps and rips you in the end,
Lose yourself just long enough to make you want to leave,
What you want and what you need are never the same thing,
Black it out from in your mind you know that it's not hard,
Then one morning wake yourself you know you've got to far,

Can't you see I'm burning these so you can find your way home.

You don't know,
You don't know what I've been through,
So shut it down before I knock you off your precious pedestal.
Drop the rope,
Drop the rope and wind your noose,

Lock and load your gun don't you know that your gun is pointed right back at you.

Break innocent, guilty and spent,
Can't we pretend we can pretend,
Come back around come safe and sound,
Come on your knees with your hands on the ground,

(Chorus out)

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