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Anthem Of The Used


Some one with the best intent,
Went and killed the president,
Because he had the influence,
To massacre 10,000 men,
Wake me up from this great dream I can't believe my eyes
Some one tried to jail the king,
For the way he liked to sleep,
But you can sleep with anything,
When your pockets are that deep,
If you think you can sing this song better man go on and try,
But you'll never be able to give them everything that they!

Hey! You asked for one
So I wrote you this song
I want to give it to you!
Play! It in your ears
You're gonna learn all the words
You're going to sing along too!
Take! My every thought
Wrap it up in a box
I'm going feed it to you!
This is! The Anthem of anyone who has loved then turned around and been used!

Look at you all floating there,
Half suspended in the air,
Never been more beautiful,
Then how you look above that chair,
But get down from there now your Scaring me you're playing with your life...
There's nothing here that we can't fix,
There's no one here that we can't trick,
Baby I can take a hit. Believe me I can take a hit,
If you think you can love this girl better man go on and try...
But you'll never be able to give her everything that she...


Every one is so enraged,
Because you know we're all to blame,
In this house there are no maids,
So let's lie in this mess we've made,
We thought we could get there much faster we all love to drive...

If you think you can get somewhere better man here is the knife.

(Chorus out)

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