Vanilla Bay


Vanilla Bay

Wonderful Life

He's just like a whisper
Through the night
On the corner of a dance-floor
Baby, I'm not feeling right

Tell me what's the difference
I need to remember
You're on my mind, You're on my mind
And mistakes you left behind

You don't have to say you're sorry
I noticed I can't take this for too long
Realized I'm not that strong
You don't have to say you're sorry
I played the fool instead of holding on
You sang the song that I'd dance along

So, whatever you say Just walk away
Cuz I can be myself tonight as much as I was yesterday
I need to breathe
Before I die this way
There's so much memories in my pockets
All I wanna do is pay

Hey, it ́s me
I wanted to call you just to say I'm sorry
There's a lot going on
And I really miss you

All the feelings that I have one day will fade away

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