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Nega (photograph Blues)

Vange Milliet

nega you spent so blissfully
the last few days with me
nega I spent so nicely too
the last few days with you
when I met you it was so fine
I didn't talk a lot to you
I only mentioned your smooth hair
you made a speech about shampoo
we took many many many photographs
downtown as we passed through


you've been going just were I've gone
all my people you have seen
I've been doing just what you've done
now I can dig your cup of mu tea
we let our moments become become
what they realy had to be


develop our photographs
as simple dreams that will come true
perhaps they will make you laugh
or make you shure about we two
develop baby our photographs
perhaps they will make you shure
perhaps they will show you nothing nothing
but a shade of blue

Compositor: Gilberto Gil

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