Vampires On Tomato Juice

You have now been through our sorrows
We opened up to show you what it's like in our lives

One thing is sure all your lives are just a crumb in time
Everything dies
We watch you act like there's no more tomorrow

You have now felt the spirit given
Now open up let it inside in your mind

And time is tickin' n' tickin'
And time is tickin'n' tickin away

We watch them slippin away
We watch them fall we watch them prey
When colors turn into grey
Even we're not meant to stay
Even if we slip away

Everything ends the sea and the sky
So how can we think we are the pride of
Creation in space we'll never find out
We have to believe and hope something's left when we die

Time is the ground we lose every second of our life

We are the vampires on tomato juice

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