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Billi & Joe


They say that time it changes everything
Depending on the day I'll disagree
They might be right although I won't admit
The songs I play are stuck here on repeat

But there's nothing in vain 'bout this and
I will not refrain from saying
There's some stuff 'bout you that I won't miss

And I know that you won't be this kind
And I hope you'll make up your own mind
And I just can't sit around
But I guess I'll be in town
When you're out to walk your dog
I'll say "Hi! "

You say you're gonna grow out of your cage
I see I'm growing old and it's a shame
I hope you won't feel the same as I do
'Cause you gotta move on to see this through

These days I cannot say
I want to play the songs you hum
But I miss the good old days
When we were

And I know that timming's never right
And I'm sure in time we'll both be fine
But I still look back into
All the memories of our youth
I know that I won't feel this way again
And I know that I won't be the same again

Composição: Leonardo Baldez

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