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    Wanna remix with me and..

    (Usher Baby. Come in the booth, no hands)

    Now normally I play the nice guy.
    Tonight imma show the other side.
    Want me to grab you by your neck
    I can tell it make you wet
    Ooo girl it aint workin unless you sweatin (nowww)
    Brought you back girl
    Arch your back girl
    Meet me upstairs, so I can beat it upstairs
    Leave that teddy on
    Take them panties off
    Like Trey say "I Cant Help But Wait"
    Got that oven pre-heated
    Trey invented sex, but he aint teach you how to eat it
    On ya back now, spread it out now.

    (Listen Baby, now normally I dont do this but..umm)

    Which one of yall?
    Which two of yall?
    Which two of yall goin home with Usherrrr?

    When I get you to the crib
    I'ma lay you out on the bed
    Girl what ya think? [4x]
    Our lovin up in the sky
    Indroduce you to the mile high
    Girl you gone think [2x]
    I'ma make you think
    I'ma make you think, make you think I re-invented sex!

    (Ooooo, you think you invented sex)
    (Boy you think you invented sex)

    I'm bout to re-invent sex
    Keri got em like who's next?
    And ima make it my duty
    to have you so wooosy
    You think I invented Ex,
    (Yea) Some say it aint nothing new under the sun
    You never seen a bitch do what I done
    When your soldier's at attention
    And my loving is the mission
    Boy missionary's no good.
    On my body like you knockin on wood.
    And if any one of yall in here could.
    (I wish I could)
    Get Miss Keri Babbyyy!

    Back to ya crib
    Upstairs in ya bed
    Boy would I think? [4x]
    If you pull back them sheets
    Ya climb on top of me
    Boy would I think? [4x]

    You gone think I invented sex
    Would I think you invented sex?
    You gone think I invented sex
    Would I think you invented sex?

    Already know
    Aint you seen the video?
    Get some ice in ya life
    Lick it, lick it slow
    Imagine how I'm really tho
    I mean imagiine how I'm sexin
    Nobody directin
    Nobody to cut, only you & me tho
    Wana make your body blast off, torpedo
    Forget about the missionary
    Girl you know we grown
    Put you in postitions that you never even known
    You know the plumber like pipe down
    Them ladies in the stores like right now
    I mean right now
    Girl I'm bout to turn the lights down
    If you ready scream right now
    We on the mantle
    Shawty dismantled
    Hit it from the side, show you how to love handle
    Got you with the toes curled up
    No sandals
    Baby ima write my name on it
    No vandal (?)
    Going in, grabbin yo butt
    Goin in, like a Tiger Woods putt
    Goin in, like the Lil Wayne, Drake song

    Girl if Trey Songz in ya crib
    Kissn all on ya neck
    Girl you gone think. [4x]
    Girl when I pull back them sheets
    And you climb on top of me
    Girl you gone think. [4x]
    You gone think I invented sex.

    (You gone think I invented sex) [2x]

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