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Why Not



My mind grinds the sands of time
Deaf, dumb and blind, I blow your mind with lines divine
Now prior to my last event
I meditated, graduated from the floss for lent
Stopped rhyming for the ice, the twenties, that whip
Started rhyming for got the love, my god, and my gift
I'm December 25th, 26th,
I'm kwanzaa, Kunjufu Kuwanzaa
I meander through the stanzas for answers
A rhyme chancellor
You die by the gun, now add it up dun
What's the sum 360
We hot like Mojave
Lyrically, we the trinity
That's Us3, Reg Wyns, L-I-B
Lo's flows are strong prose tight as your corn rows
Why not?

Why not unlock mine eyes to see the glory like Denzel or Dr. King
Freedom will never ring no matter how we sing if the liberty bell is broke
Why not revolt if you can't cope with the feigned truth
On this tight rope I avoid the noose as a black male youth
I produce high flyings act over the wack
I'm overproof
Few despise me
Why not recognise me
I'm jamming for the culture like Stevie and Bill Cosby
I wonder
We defensive when we say the kids wild out
We're teaching them, so we should take the time out, to
Use the vizniz and get the red out
In an instant, conference to brew out
Foldgers thoughts crystallised
I open third eyes, free jail cells
Spreadsheets, I excel
Duracell, we energise
I pass right through your lies
Keep my eyes on the prize
Why not?

I'm a rhyme antagonist
I'm writing my story and I'm the protagonist
If not for the beat I might be an evangelist
Still free the masses
Teachers teach classes
Aristocracy getting put right on their asses by the proletariat
I chide mc's out of their pride, they're fictitious
Whether stage, screen, or jazz shit you're still with us
I stay young black and prodigious
The things I've seen'll make a Christian sacrilegious
I'm indigenous as the Cherokee
I'm hip-hop, you're a hip-hop hypocrisy
Pause for the cause
We brawl and break down laws
Oxcutta to glass jaws
To eat we break laws
Eliminate the wars for I'm reppin for the cause
Eliminate the wars, see I'm reppin for the cause
Why not?

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