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When She Is Dancing


It starts with a tap of the feet and moves up to the knees
Like a breeze through the trees it completely takes over
Body and the music become one
Expression of sensuality
There's really nothing sweeter than to see mama shake down
Sister spin round raising dust from the ground
It's as if she has found a treasure within

Nothing like the body of a woman when she's dancing
It's alright yeah

When she's dancing
When she's dancing
When she's dancing
It's free and easy
Lightness in her feet won't miss a beat
Solid stepping seventh heaven
Swing those arms, those thighs, those hips
The way she dips her back, swing low
The stepping's just getting better and better
Mama shake down


It's her body that gives birth to rhythm
When she's dancing she's got that feeling
It's all she's needing, it's alright
When she's dancing
When she's dancing

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