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What Does That Mean?



To the Gods and the Earth I say peace
Positive people of the universe say peace
Wifey wanted to argue and have beef, I said peace
Got me at the club about to draft a new dime piece
Bullets fly from the glock of the beast, there's no peace
From Cincinatti to Israel and Palestine we need peace
I study a psalm, now when I was reading it gave me peace of mind
The time when a nigga's taking a piece of mine
The time when I want to grab my piece but I find inner peace
He only wanted a piece of the pie of which you and I strive to get a piece
When the physical dies we pray the soul rests in peace
We live in turbulence


Grandpa always said peace be still
If it's Allah's will let there be peace on earth
Peace to the Star, peace to the Sun
Peace to the womb that we all came from

War is always sandwiched by peace
I don't know, I guess it's just the mark of the beast
Summertime temperatures they rise like yeast
I got beef, WAR, walking down a war torn street
I don't need a charge I've got to act and make beats
Can't you see you're GOD?
War is strangling the peace
War consumes my peeps as the trigger's released
Got guns cocked, stray shot, from military police
A body drops, life's stopped, for her child a mama weeps
Twice a week war's a wake, too much to say the least
A war of the mind, a chalk line
How do we define a war crime?
Just another youth left behind?


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