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Sittin' On My Park Bench


No money in my pocket and no place to go
Sittin' on this park bench just watching the show
The sun is hanging out with his friend the sky
I ain't got no job but I'm still getting by
You'd think that I'd have nothing to do
But the world's a better television than you knew
It's a never ending tale filled with cartoon characters that are real
And it's all right here

Sittin' on my park bench just watching to see
What the world would come up with today for me
Will it be laughter or tears, or something that will make me swear
That I've been there

Ooh there's that woman again
She looks like she has lived five hundred lives
People try not to stare and make themselves aware
Of her world that has no walls to shelter her body and her mind
As it goes kicking and screaming into another realm
Filled with thunderstorms of unreality
Never knowing if she's four or seventeen
Horrifying scene
Hope it's not me


I like children
But their parents look like they've got a lot of tension
Is it the mortgage or is it bills, has he lost his job, is she taking pills?
I guess life will do with you as it will
Maybe if you just dropped out of society there would be less insanity
Who's more crazy them or me?

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